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to breaking news we have at this hour. a letter addressed to a united states senator was intercepted, found to contain a deadly poison. the news is still coming in and pierre thomas has all the late-breaking details right now out of washington. pierre? >> tonight the senate is on high alert after a letter bound for one of its members was intercepted because it may have been tainted with poison. sources are telling us tonight a letter addressed to mississippi senator roger wicker tested positive for ricin in a field test in maryland. the letter was post marked memphis, tennessee. tonight there's no information on who may have sent it. ricin is der reiffed from caster beans and can be lethal if ingested or inhaled. field tests to detective it are unreliable. a source tells us the letter is tested again in a laboratory to get a definitive result. the package was intercepted and never reached the capital complex. still, additional security is being put in place. all mail to capitol hill has been stopped. such scares have happened in washington before. in 2004, a letter containing ricin powder s
-laced letters sent to rebound and a united states senator. the 45-year-old paul curtis is cooperating with authorities. the f.b.i. says both letters were signed by "kc" and contained ricin. >> the wife of an ex-judge has confessed to her role in the death of prosecutors in texas and accused her husband of being the triggerman and is held on $10 million bail and charged in connection with the shooting death of the d.a. and his wife and assistant prosecutor. eric williams has not been charged. >> millions of homeowners struggling with foreclosure are receiving checks to settle a $3.6 billion lawsuit against major banks. however, after all of their struggles, many of the checks bounced. 4.4 million homeowners will receive refunds. a settlement was reached with 13 companies last year. the checks just started going out to homeowners but now many say their banks would not cash them. federal regulators did not identify the problem but they said it has been fixed now and folks can cash the checks. so far, 50,000 homeowners have received payments ranging from $300 to $125,000 each. >> paying c
the united states troops withdrew. >> the state senate public safety committee takes up a package of gun control measures. at 9:00 this morning, teachers, doctors, and religious leaders will deliver petitions with tens of thousands of signatures calling for action to prevent gun violence. the life act includes bills that "close loopholes in existing gun laws and require new background checks and ownership records and ban ammunition clips that hold more than ten rounds and ban detachable clips that allow rapid reloading" authored by state senator lee of san francisco. >> up-to-the-minute information on the bombing attacks obtain boston marathon. well hear from bay area people who were there. >> breaking news in the south bay where firefighters are investigating a fire that claimed a young life. we are live with new video of the heart-breaking scene. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, first, the confusion and terror now the questions so far no one has claimed responsibility for the boston marathon bombings with the death toll at three and the number of injured 145,
gathered evidence linked to a letter addressed to the president of the united states, another to a mississippi senator, federal sources tell abc news they've arrested a suspect from tupelo, mississippi. a scare that stopped mail delivery on capitol hill this week. >> all staff and other personnel are directed to avoid this area until further notice. >> reporter: the fear, ricin. easily made from castor beans, by would-be bioterrorists. >> if you ingest enough, it could be very damaging and it could kill you. >> reporter: two letters, one to president obama, another two roger wicker, showed initial positive results in field tests. the letters never reached the white house or capital. >> the mail sent here is screened and the tests are taken at remote sites to mitigate the risks. >> the first was stopped then miles from its target to capitol hill. the second letter to the white house was intercepted six and a half miles away on a military base on the outskirts of d.c. a third post office sorting facility suffered possible contamination to its filtering system from an unknown sou
in the united states illegally on a 13 year path to citizenship. it would require immigrants do pass a rigorous background check and pay fines and application fees to receive a permit and would toughen border security requirements. authorities in indonesia are struggling to remove a crashed jet that went into the sea off the resort island of bali. all people on the jet survived saturday's crash when the plane slammed in the water. the jet liner remains afloat but is too heavy to plan on floating. they want to protect the delicate coral reef below. >> volscian is -- a volcano is spewing ash east of mexico city. it spewed over the weekend and the wins have been carrying the smoke over mexico city. authorities say there is no need for people to evacuate but they are monitoring the situation closely. >> i laugh because kristen has been practicing and perfected that brother numbersation. >> a strange site caught on camera, an angry goose waging war on a gorilla. this is taking things to the extreme, a massive gorilla running away from an angry goose in wichita, kansas. the gorilla is quickly backing
to an official messager with us airways. and carnival will reimburse the united states for costs relatessed to breakdowns of cruiseships and the senator rockefeller pressured them to foot the bill. they call the payments "voluntary." at the new york stock exchange, i am jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> coming up on 5:26, and a live look from the east bay, with high definition back to the west and talk about how today will be different than yesterday, fremont is at 65 and seven degrees warmer and oakland and santa rosa are six degrees warmer than yesterday. if you head to the game, not so cold but pretty darn closed as the a's and astros start at 7:30 9. a few showers in the sierra and it will be cloudy by the time you get there with temperature at 41 in tohos and dry in southern cal and 67 in los angeles. >> quiet drive and accident free on the golden gate bridge coming from marin county and into san francisco, a few headlights. as folks make their way into the city. as we take it to our maps i will tell you about a nice drive in vallejo and along highway 37, not a problem o
states if you're not legally here. >> one of your toughest republican critics on this, senator sessions, is listening to this interview right now. and he asked the question, is this bill enforcement first? or is it legalization first? and the bottom line is, with legalization being just six months, the answer is, this is legalization first, isn't it? >> first, yeah. it's important to understand that if you do just -- that was my original position. the problem is, that what do you do in the meantime? while you're doing all the enforcement mechanisms, what do you do with the people that are undocumented? is it a big game of cat and mouse, if we catch you, you have to leave. if not, in the future you get to apply. i want to freeze the problem in place, so it doesn't get worse. the second thing, we don't want a rush on the border. they're doing this enforcement stuff. in a few years, they're going to start some process. let me sneak in now to take advantage of it. we don't want that, either. i want to freeze the problem in place. i'm not happy with the fact we have millions of people here i
of the united states has pledged his full support in all efforts, supposed to keep the city safe and to find the person who did this and bring them to justice. we did not have to reach out to the president. the president reached out to us. he called the governor, he called the mayor. he called the members of the delegation because the president is actively involved here and responding. on behalf of our congressional delegation, senator cowan is here with me and congressman lynch and all of the members of our delegation. we want to extend our thanks to the first responders, to the firefighters, to the police officers, to the ems, to everyone on the scene including the volunteers who came and helped those in trouble and helped save lives. we also want to thank those from all around the country and all around the world whose prayers and thoughts and offers of help have pored in. we are deeply grateful. as the mayor said boston will survive. >> thank you, governor. i'm rick deloria. i would like to start this morning by thanking the first responders from boston ems and boston fire department and
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8